The Blencowe Families by Location

The majority of the families represented in the war had two or more members serving and to highlight those families this page has been created. There are of course Blencowe’s not listed here, go to the Index of Names or the Navigational right panel to see them. To see all the spouses, sons and daughters of Blencowes that served go to this index

Great Britain

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  1. The largest numbers of Blencowes come from the “Home Counties” of Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire.
  2. A second large group exists in the Midlands consisting of the counties of Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Shropshire and Worcestershire.
  3. London
  4. Lancashire
  5. Yorkshire
  6. Cumberland
  7. Scotland
  8. Sussex
  9. Cambridgeshire
  10. Cheshire
United States

Some of the families represented here to go back as far as the 17th Century with the emigration of John Blincoe to Virginia. Click here to see the American families in no particular order.


Some of the families represented here to go back as far as the 18th Century. Click here to see the American families in no particular order.

New Zealand

Click here to see the New Zealand families in no particular order.


Click here to see the one Canadian family with two men.




Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire.

Rev Charles Edward Blencowe 1847
Katherine Elizabeth 1848
Blencowe Arthur John Walcot MM,MC 1880 Marston St Lawrence
Blencowe Lawrence Cave 1887 Marston St Lawrence
Blencowe Marjorie Edith S. 1884 Marston St Lawrence
Blencowe Oswald Charles 1890 Marston St Lawrence
Blencowe William James 1885 Marston St Lawrence Northants
Joseph Henry Blencowe 1858
Ann 1858
Blencowe Frank 1888 Gawcott
Blencowe Joseph Henry 1883 Gawcott
Frank Blenco 1864
Eliza 1876
Blenco John Frederick 1895 Kettering
Blenco William Reginald 1898 Wellingborough
Alfred William Blencowe 1858
Emily 1857
Blencowe Charles Alfred 1890 Church Brampton
Blencowe Howard Pembroke 1887 Church Brampton
Thomas Blincow 1848
Martha Mary 1851
Blincow Alfred 1883 Long Buckby
Blincow William 1886 Northampton
Thomas Blencowe 1832
Mary Ann 1834
Blencowe Arthur 1864 Neithrop Banbury
Blencowe Edward 1876 Neithrop, Banbury
Blencowe John 1866 Banbury
Blencowe Reuben 1873 Banbury
Reuben Blencowe 1873
Also Served
Ellen Elizabeth 1875
Blencowe Joseph 1898 Banbury
Blencowe Thomas 1888 Banbury
William Blencowe 1860
Dessie 1864
Blencowe Alfred 1886 Neithrop Nr Banbury
Blencowe Herbert 1886 Brackley
Blencowe James 1898 Whitfield, Oxon
Blencowe John Henry 1888 Whitfield
John Blincow 1854
Susan 1854
Blincowe John 1883 Northampton
Blincowe Thomas 1892 Northampton
James Blencowe 1862
Amelia Warwick 1866
Blencowe George Harry 1892 Banbury
Blencowe James Aubrey 1887 Banbury
Richard Blincow 1850
Maria 1852
Blincoe William Charles 1879 Chipping Norton
Blincow Charles William 1884 Chipping Norton
John George Blencowe 1839
Emma 1855
Blencowe Arthur Harold 1891 Oxford
Blencowe Florence Mary 1887 Headington
Blencowe Mabel Edith 1879 Oxford
John Blencowe 1864
Matilda Eliza 1867
Blencowe Cyril Albert 1895 Bicester
Blencowe Frederick James 1894 Bicester
Blencowe John Joseph 1898 Banbury
Michael Blencowe 1857
Sarah c.1853
Blencowe Michael 1896 Souldern
Blencowe Sidney 1882 Banbury
Tom Blencowe 1859
Charlotte Ada 1859
Blencowe Alfred 1892 Brackley
Blencowe Ernest 1894 Neithrop
Blencowe Frederick Arthur 1890 Neithrop
Blencowe Thomas 1898 Banbury
Blencowe Valentine 1885 Banbury
John Blencowe 1866
 Note: Daughter Ada was a munitions worker as was Daughter in law Ethel nee West
Blencowe Henry Tollerton 1891 Banbury
Blencowe John 1900 Banbury
Henry Blencowe 1862
Hannah 1865
Note: Daughter Gertie was a munitions worker.
Blencowe Albert 1895 Banbury
Blencowe William 1886 Banbury
William Arthur Blencowe ?
Emma Maria C1859?
Blencoe William 1893 Poplar?
Blencowe William 1883 Banbury
Frederick William Blencowe 1863
Elizabeth 1864
Blencowe Albert 1898 Brackley
Blencowe Arthur 1885 Brackley
Henry George Blinko
Blinko Albert Stanley 1899 Beaconsfield
Blinko George Harry 1894 Bardon Hill Leics.
Joseph Blinco 1852
Caroline Maria 1852
Blinco James Thomas 1890 Langley Marish
Blinco Randolph Joseph 1893 Langley Marish
William Blinko 1849
Kate 1847
Blinko Alfred William 1873 Beaconsfield
Blinko Bertram Henry 1880 Beaconsfield, Bucks
Jonah Blincoe 1848
Mary Ann 1849
Blincoe Sidney 1889 Long Crendon, Bucks
Blincoe William John 1876 Long Crendon
James Thomas Blinco 1862
Harriet 1867
Blinco Albert Edward MM 1892 Eton
Blinco Charles (William) 1895 Eton
Blinco Moses Henry 1893 Wexham Bucks
Blinco William 1897 George Green
George Frederick Blinko 1859
Sarah Ann
Blinko Alfred Ralph MM 1890 Enfield
Blinko George Francis 1883 Hatfield, Herts
Blinko Horace 1886 Northaw, Herts

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Staffordshire,Warwickshire,Shropshire and Worcestershire.

William Blencowe 1851
Ann 1856
Blencowe Frederick James 1893 Norton, Daventry
Blencowe John 1883 Limerick Ireland
Blencowe William Joseph 1886 Jamaica
Frederick John 1865
Amelia 1867
Blencowe Bertram Thomas 1887 Wolverhampton
Blencowe Edgar Lionel 1891 Wolverhampton
Blencowe Frederick George 1889 Wolverhampton
Edward Blincow 1871
Emily 1871
Blincoe Frederick Reginald 1900 Worcester
Blincoe Herbert Ernest 1898 Shipston Worcs.
Blincoe Leonard William 1895 Blockley, Worcs.
Frank Blinco 1866
Sarah Jane 1872
Blinco Edward Francis 1890 Aldridge, Staffs
Blinco Ernest Herbert 1894 Lichfield
Albert Levetus Blencowe 1867
Blencowe Albert Edward 1891 Birmingham
Blencowe Charles Numno MM 1892 Birmingham
Richard Blencowe 1865
Hannah 1870
Blencowe Ernest Edward 1888 Kings Sutton
Blencowe Richard 1897 Tamworth
George Blencowe 1869
Sarah Ann 1872
Blencowe George Edward 1896 Stretton on Dunsmore
Blencowe Richard 1899 Stretton on Dunsmore
Charles Leonard Blencowe 1869
Margaret Winifred 1868
Blencowe Albert Edward 1892 Whitchurch Shropshire
Blencowe Francis 1895 Whitchurch Shropshire
Blencowe George 1897 Whitchurch Shropshire
Blencowe Harry 1899 Whitchurch Shropshire
Blencowe Percy 1896 Whitchurch Shropshire
Blencowe Thomas William 1891 Whitchurch Shropshire
Albert Blincoe 1859
Elizabeth Hannah 1853
Blincoe Herbert 1889 Aston Birmingham
Blincoe William Henry DCM 1892 Birmingham
Blinko Alfred 1898 Kings Norton
Blinko George Frederick 1895 Kings Norton
Thomas Blencowe 1851
Hannah [Ann] 1853
Blincow Arthur James 1889 Burton
Blincow Joseph 1879 Burton
Henry Blencow 1854 Louisa 1865 Bryan
Blencowe Joseph Frederick 1900 Burton upon Trent
Blencowe Thomas Henry 1896 Burton
Joseph Blincow 1843
Jane 1850
Blincoe Albert Edward 1883 West Bromwich
Blincoe Arthur John 1885 West Bromwich
Blincoe James Ernest 1886 West Bromwich
Blincow Joseph Frederick 1881 West Bromwich
John Blencowe 1857
Maria 1856
Blencowe Alfred Edward 1893 Nuneaton
Blencowe George Herbert 1884 Nuneaton
Blencowe Harry 1889 Attleborough, Warwickshire
Blencowe Richard 1891 Nuneaton
Henry Blencowe 1871
Florence 1871
Blencoe Archer 1881 Sculcoates
Blencoe Arthur Henry 1893 Aston, Birmingham
John William Blencowe 1849
Mary 1850
Blencowe Charles Albert 1893 Kidderminster
Blencowe Harry James 1891 Kidderminster
Blencowe John William 1884 Kidderminster

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George Blincoe 1849
Jane 1844
Blincoe George Benjamin 1878 St Pancras
Blincoe Sidney Walter 1884 St Pancras
Blincoe William 1875 London
Henry Blincow 1856
Mary A 1861
Blincow Stanley James 1895 Hendon
Blincow William Frank 1891 Hendon
Edward Henry Blenko 1864
Mary Ann Ellen 1877
Blenko Edward Henry 1897 Hackney
Blenko Thomas Richard 1899 Herne Hill
Thomas Blinko 1850
Sarah 1847
Blencowe Frederick Thomas A 1881 Deal
Blencowe Walter Montague 1885 Sydenham
John Blinko 1846
Rebecca 1852
Blinko Edwin 1884 Lambeth
Blinko Henry 1881 Lambeth
Blinko William James 1888 Lambeth
David Henry Blincko 1863
Emma Jane 1854
Blincko David William 1897 Hackney
Blincko Henry Edmund 1892 Hackney
Dennis Charles Blencoe 1850
Caroline 1850
Blincko David William 1897 Hackney
Blincko Henry Edmund 1892 Hackney
John Ebenezer 1855
Isabel Howard 1856
Blencowe Charles Edward 1889 West Norwood London
Blencowe Frederick John 1881 Deal
Thomas William Blencowe 1857
Mary Hannah 1864
Blencowe May Edith 1896 St Olaves
Blencowe Richard 1895 Rotherhithe
Blencowe Thomas William 1893 Rotherhithe
Harry Blinko 1864
Frances (Fanny) 1864
Blinko Harry Ernest Francis 1893 Paddington
Blinko Jack Albert 1900 St George Hanover Sq.
Henry Blencowe 1847
Louisa 1848
Blencowe Bertie 1887 Camberwell
Blencowe Ernest Arthur 1884 Deptford
Henry Blencowe 1863
Hannah Maria 1857
Blencowe Ernest Archibald 1891 Shoeburyness
Blencowe Henry Alexander 1884 Shoeburyness
William John Blenko 1854
Sarah Ann 1860
Blenko Walter John 1899 London
Blenko William Henry 1897 Kokomo, Indiana

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George Nathaniel 1873
Isabella 1854
Blincow Albert Ernest 1878 Birkenhead
Blincow Arthur 1883 Rotherham
Blincow Percy Reginald 1893 Chorley Lancs.
Blincow Walter 1891 Liverpool
Blincow William Henry 1877 Sedgeley
James Henry Joseph Blinko 1862
Elizabeth 1867
Blinko Joseph 1898 Rochdale
Blinko William Arthur 1896 Rochdale
Richard Miles Blincoe 1850
Lucy Pauline 1854
Blincoe Thomas 1896 Crumpsall, Lancashire
Blincoe William Paul 1895 Hollycross Kentucky
Robert Blincoe 1865
Rachel 1867
Blincoe Albert Norman 1895 Bolton
Blincoe Edward
1891 Montreal Canada
Blincoe Robert 1886 Montreal Canada

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Walter Blencowe 1849
Elizabeth Ann 1867
Blencowe James William 1895 Wortley Yorks
Blencowe Reginald Lionel 1899 Wortley

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Frederick Blinco 1868
Isabella Ann 1870
Blinco Sydney Joseph 1897 Nr Barrow in Furness
Blinco Thomas Arthur 1891 Whitehaven
Frederick Blinco 1868
Isabella Ann 1870
Blinco Sydney Joseph 1897 Nr Barrow in Furness
Blinco Thomas Arthur 1891 Whitehaven

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Charles Blincow 1858
Mary Ann
Blincow Henry 1898 Gartosh Lanarkshire
Blincow John MM 1890 Gartosh, Lanarkshire

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Albert Blinks 1846
Mary Anne
Blinks Archer 1886 Hurst Green Sussex
Blinks Mercer 1882 Hurst Green Sussex
Henry H Blencowe 1850
Blencowe Walter Charles 1877 Brighton
Blencowe William Henry Herschel 1875 Brighton
John George Blencowe 1815
Frances 1829
Blencowe Frances Isabel 1864 Chailey
Blencowe John Ingham 1860 Chailey
Blencowe Robert Campion 1858 Cuckfield Sussex

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Thomas William Blincoe 1870
Ethel Mathilda 1872
Blincoe Thomas Edgar William 1899 Newmarket
Blincoe Victor George 1895 Newmarket

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Rev Alfred James Blencowe 1848
Sophia Louisa Sarah 1851
Blencowe Charles Bernard 1880 Northwich
Blencowe Edward Prowett DSO 1877 Northwich

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The United States.

William Blinco 1857
Frances Anne 1860
Blinco Charles Wesley 1891 Portland Oregon
Blinco Harry Daniel 1896 Portland Oregon
Blinco Loyal William 1897 Portland Oregon
Benjamin C Blincoe 1866
Pearl Abigail
Blincoe Clifton Robert 1897 Lexington, MO.
Blincoe Frank Horace 1895 Lexington Missouri
Franz Siegle 1862
Margaret Elizabeth
Blincoe Claude Franklin 1888 Kansas USA
Blincoe Edward William 1896 Missouri
Blincoe Homer Raymond 1890 Cherokee Kansas
Benjamin Daniel Blincoe 1864
Clara Maud 1870
Blincoe Benjamin Rea 1899 California
Blincoe Clarence Oscar 1890 Lucerne, Kings, California
Charles Blencowe 1852
Annie E 1865
Blencowe James Orphington 1893 Rockingham, Virginia
Blencowe Thomas Charles 1897 Virginia
William George 1865
Grace Irene 1865
Blencowe George William 1890 Painted Post NY
Blencowe John Elmer 1894 New York
Benjamin Joseph Blincoe 1864
Dodie 1868
Blincoe Benjamin Berkeley 1899 Daviess Co. Ky
Blincoe Henry Gonza 1895 Cuddsville Ky
Alfred Ernest 1859
Katherine Kitty 1863
Blinks Albion Abraham 1898 Iowa
Blinks Malcolm Edward 1889 Iowa
Richard Blincow 1863
Lydia 1875
Blincow Clyde Lawrence 1895 Colby Kansas
Blincow Elmer Arthur 1897 Colby Kansas
Ernest Henry Blinco 1870
Lily Margaret McGlashon
Blinco Douglas Stewart 1903 New York State
Blinco Henry C 1896 Buffalo NY

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Francis Thomas Blinco 1870
Rhoda (Dolly)
Blinco Francis Henry 1897 Freemantle
Blinco Thomas Edward 1896 Freemantle
John Abraham Blencowe 1847
Annie Christina
Blencowe Clarence George 1882 Berwick, VIC, Australia
Blencowe Lewis Victor 1890 Sandringham, VIC, Australia

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New Zealand.

Richard Blincoe 1846
Sussanah May
Blincoe Edward Richard 1882 Auckland
Blincoe Hedley Arney Wells 1877 Nelson, NZ
Francis Blincoe 1897
Ruth Mary 1870
Blincoe Harold Francis 1895 Nelson, NZ
Blincoe Leslie Clarence 1896 Nelson, NZ

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Thomas Blencowe 1838
Hannah Lavinia 1864
Blencowe Edward James 1897 Edgar Ontario
Blencowe Thomas 1893 Oro Ontario
Blencowe Frank 1888 Oro Ontario