Buckland Albert Edward 1873

Albert edward Buckland


Father Nm: James William Buckland born 1850 • Chalvey, Buckinghamshire
died 13 MAY 1918 • Eton, Buckinghamshire

Mother Nm: Mary Lewis born 6 NOV 1845 • Nettlebed, Oxfordshire died JANUARY 1915 • Eton.

Marriage Dt: 31.7.1892 Langley Marish witn Ellen Louise Blinco Ann Elizabeth Lewis Buckland, Thomas W. Blinco

K comments: Four sons served in WW1:  Edward Ernest served in the 1/1st Buckinghamshire Battalion and 2/4th Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry. William Alfred served with the Royal Fusiliers. Frederick Charles served with the 1st Buckinghamshire Battalion. Albert Frank served with 3rd and 8th Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry.

Spouse comments: Elizabeth Sophia Blinco [460] born Mar Q 1871 Eton died Oct 1961 Eton

Children: William Alfred Cecil Buckland 1890 -1971; Rose Sylvia Buckland 1893–1975; Edward Ernest Buckland 1894-1957 ; Frederick Charles John Buckland 1897–1984 ; Albert Frank Buckland  1898 -1974;  Kate Alexandra Buckland 1902–1953; Horace George Buckland 1904–1953;  James Thomas Buckland 1907–1968;  Gladys Mary Buckland 1908–1913; Bertram Harry Buckland 1910- ; Kenneth Claude Buckland 1912–1912 ; Irene Louise Buckland 1913–1983

Born 1873

Baptised 8 Dec 1872 Upton Cum Chalvey, Buckingham

1901 Census

3 maple Cottages with Family. House Painter

1911 Census

9 Grays Place, Stoke Road,  with Family.


Middlesex Regiment

Rifle Brigade (Princes Consorts Own)

Albert Edward Buckland, Rifleman, 212865,10th Middles Regiment,  Rifle Brigade (Prince Consort´s Own)


Albert’s medal record is all we have to determine his service experience. It shows he served from January 1916 till October 1918 being discharged just before the end of the war, perhaps because of age or illness. A key fact in the medal records is the award of the British War medal indicating he entered a theatre of war ie served overseas.

From this we can deduce that at 44 Albert was to embark to France in 1917 and straight away do his duty on the frontlines fighting in the following battles; The Battle of Polygon Wood; The Battle of Broodseinde; The Battle of Poelcapelle; The First Battle of Passchendaele.

  • 1 January. Albert enlists in the Territorial Army in one of the three 10th Middlesex Battalion’s.
  • 19 March. A separate entry in Medal Index Roll indicates probably that this is the date he was transferred within the Middlesex Regiment. This was likely to the 3/10th Bn as it was the only Middlesex unit to go overseas. Highlights of the 3/10 movements are given on this page but the war diary is linked (Sources) and so more detail can be viewed.
  • May . “The 3/10th Middlesex left 67th (HC) Division and embarked at Southampton for France. Landing at Le Havre on 1 June it moved to Hesdin where it joined 1st South African Brigade in 9th (Scottish) Division”
  • 6 June. “At first it was employed in the old German front line providing digging and wiring parties for the Royal Engineers (RE) constructing new defences. The companies then took turns in the front line for instruction in trench warfare, suffering a few casualties.”
  • July-August. Battle of the Scarpe.

“The battalion was attached to 4th Division in the Arras sector, and formally transferred to its 10th Bde on 2 August. The battalion carried out a few fighting patrols during the summer months” – all entries source Wikipedia

3/10 Bn located at Middlesex camp Blangny St Laurent then on to front line duty.

Blagny St Laurent
The 3/10 Middlesex relieved the front lines of the 10th Bde several times War diary Map shows location.
  • 19/20 September. Moved from Bellacourt to Proven in Flanders by train for training and the Ypres offensive.
    Bellacourt Arras sector to Proven Belgium


  • 29 September. Entrained to Elverdinge to take part in operations towards Passchendaele. .
    The  push to Passchendaele  began for the 3/10 Bn on the 29th September

    A bomb dropped from enemy aircraft landed on the battalion camp lines resulting in seven killed and forty-four men wounded.

  • 4-5 October. Moved into an attack on the front line were relived on 6 Oct by R Warwicks returned to Billets at Bridge Camp. Total Casualties for October mostly from these actions was 14 Killed 159 Wounded and 60 missing.

From the Great War Forum the movements of the 3/10 Bn during the balance of 1917

  • 18th October. Departed Ypres first to Houpoutre and then to Aubigny and marched to Y Huts near Etrun for training.
  • 23 October to Schramm Barracks.
  • 24/25 October. Took over front line trenches Pick Avenue to Gordon Avenue in Cambrai Rd Sector, wiring and patrol work.

    Source the Long Long Trail website
  • 28/29 October. Relieved and 2 Cos to Spade Reserve and 2 to Caves at Les Fosses Farm.
  • November “quiet month”
  • December. Battalion in Arras. On 10th December into the Monchy sector.
  • 30 Decembe. Out of the line at Bois des Boeufs (Monchy)
  • 3 January Relieved the 1/Hants in the left sub-sector of the (right) 10th Brigade of the 4th Division. Patrol work, uneventful.
  • 13 January. Enemy attempt a raid Sap 7 but were repulsed.
    Battalion relieved and out of the line until 27/28th January.
  • 20 February . The 3/10 Bn were disbanded and presumably Albert while in reserves was still associated until August with this Regiment.
  1. Ancestry, National Archives & BFA family tree
  2. WO-95-1482-2 the 3/10 Middlesex War Diary
  3. The Great War Forum



Awarded to British Warm Medal and the Victory Medal

After the War


Death 1933