Hill Arthur Charles 1890



Father Nm: Arthur Hill 1865
Mother Nm: Eliza Sarah 1868
Marriage Dt:1920 at Hendon to Fanny Blincoe

K comments: Son Leslie Charles Hill served in WW2 as an Flt. Lieut RAF and was awarded the DFC he subsequently served with the RAF for 30 years. It is likely that other sons Arthur and Leonard served in WW2 but haven’t found records yet.

Spouse comments: Fanny Blincoe *[4423] born 6.12.1893 Long Crendon died Sep q 1976 Hendon

Children: Doris M 1919, Arthur S 1920 Leslie Charles 1922, Leonard W 1926


Living with family at 330 the Broadway, Hendon. Occupation barman.

Fanny and Charles Hill circa 1919
Fanny and Arthur. We do not know when this was taken ie 1915 or when he returned home in 1917.
 Grenadier Guards  3rd Machine Gun Company Guards Division

Hill Arthur Charles, 1890, 24062, Guardsman, 3rd Grenadier Guards, 3rd Machine Gun Company Guards Division.


The Medal Card and the Silver War badge records indicate the 3rd battalion GG. This allows us to expand on the battalion’s history in the war but in regard to detail experience of Arthur we have little detail of home leave, wounds and illness but for the Silver War badge record at his discharge.

  • 7 Jun. The SWB shows he enlisted with the 3rd Grenadier Guards battalion. The 3rd GG while relatively newly formed was immediately sent to France having disembarked at Le Havre on 27 July 1915. In August 1915 the 3rd GG joined the 2nd Bde, of the newly formed Guards Division.
  • 29 Jul. ”On arrival at G.H.Q. the train was sent on to WIZERNES where the Battalion detrained at 3.30 p.m. and marched to billets at ESQUERDES”.3
    Esquerdes nr St Omer Training base in July 1915
    Esquerdes nr St Omer Training base in July 1915

    The 3rd GG spent the next month or so training based at ESQUERDES.

  • Sept. The war diary missing for this month but sometime before the 27th Sept. the Bn. would have made the 70km journey east to The Lille sector for the upcoming battle.
  • 27-30 Sept. The Battle of Loos. Probably Arthur’s first action as it was the first for the 3rd GG and it was a devastating first brush with combat for the battalion.
    Gas was used in this first attack that Arthur took part in. The protection initially was woeful and it could be that exposure to gas was to cause the long illness that killed him at 36.
  • 27 Sept.” The 3rd GG was still in the line of trenches in front of Le Rutoire farm, with its right on the Loos Redoubt. In front of it was
    the 1st Scots Guards, with its right on the village of Loos. The 2nd Irish Guards was on the left of the Scots Guards, with the 1st CG  in support.”……’The two 3rd G G companies …pushed on under terrific shell-fire and came up with the Scots Guards just outside Puits 14, stubbornly defended by the Germans. Regardless of the machine-guns which were mowing down our men, the Scots Guards and two companies of Grenadiers
    pressed on and endeavoured to reach Puits 14, but very few of the Scots Guards and not more than a dozen Grenadiers … actually got into the Puits, where they
    threw bombs into a house occupied by the enemy”.4 “At 2300 hours the advanced position was joined by the 2nd Bn Scots Guards whose commander, ….ordered a 100-metre withdrawal to a position that could be defended in daylight”.5
  • Casualties for the period 44 men killed as per CWGC.
  • Mar. The 3rd GG was sent to Calais from the from for further training and returned to be Divisional reserve at Poperinghe on the 20 March.
  • 26-Mar. “Entrained at POPERINGHE station and detrained at ASYLUM YPRES. Marched by companies through YPRES into support”.3 Insert map
  • 29-30 Mar.” On 29th No 1 Company had three casualties in the day and a similar number on the night of 29/30th”.
    Diary Comment: It will be seen from above that it is difficult during 16 days “in the line” to keep the men fit and impossible to drill them. Sickness showed a slight increase after 10 days of this period. on the afternoon the battalion was to relieve the Scots Gds. and came under fire.casualties-6 O.R. killed 15 wounded.
  • Apr-May. Wieltje. north-west Ypres.
    A Wieltje trench map showing the front line trench positions for the 3rd GG in spring 1916 trenches such as Fenchurch St and Duke st. were manned by the battalion at this time.
    The front line marked on this trench map

    In April and May periods in and out of the line-trenches in bad state water etc., billeted at Poperinghe when out of the line. Casualties 20 killed for the month of April from CWGC, 13 wounded from the diary.
    Note the casualties from the CWGC are substantially greater than those reported in the diary suggesting wounded would have been much greater.

  • Jun.”Marched into VOLKERINGHOVE”.3
  • 19/20  Jun. “On the night 19/20th we relieved 1st Bn Scots Gds as follows 2 companies in the front line in SANCTUARY WOOD as far as VIGO ST on right and just N of GOUROCK road on left 1 company just N of MAPLE COPSE 1 company in ZILLEBEKE SWITCH by just E of ZILLEBEKE village”.3
  • 20 Jun. SANCTUARY WOOD heavily shelled casualties 2 killed 2 died of wounds and 3 or wounded.
  • 29/30 Jun. “On ??? day shell fired in ???? enfilade killed 5 and wounded 3 men working on a P?????. 4 other men slightly wounded on working parties. 5 O.R. killed
    7 O.R. wounded”.3
  • 1-3 Jul. “On the night of 30 June / 1st, July relieved the 1st Bn Scots Guards in the left sub-sector”.3 Casualties for the period 7 OR’s killed 7 wounded.
  • 7-11 Jul. ‘Relieved 1st Bn SCOTS GDS in the trenches”.3Casualties for the period 3 OR’s killed 7 wounded.
  • 25 Jul. “On 25th Bn entrained on the light railway and went into billets in VOLKERINGHOVE area”.3
  • 29 – 30 Jul.” Entrained at ESQUELBECQ, having marched there, at midnight. Detrained at PETIT HOUVIN and marched into billets at LE SOUICH. It was a very hot day and the men were considerably exhausted towards the end of the march (11 ½ miles”.3
  • 1 Aug. The 3rd GG was moved to the Beaumont Hamel in the Lens Sector.
  • 13-15 Aug. Battalion relieved 1st Bn. Scots Guards in the trenches west of Beaumont Hamel. Casualties in the relief 8 OR’s wounded
  • 16-17 Aug. ‘Moved into billets previously occupied by the Battalion in BETRANCOURT. 17 Aug. Moved into camp at SAILLY-AU-BOIS. In support of 1st Bn Scots Guards. The Battalion was rather tightly packed in two fields. About 12 noon enemy opened fire on the town with field guns..”.Casualties 2 killed.
  • 24 Aug. “Moved into billets at NAOURS as a brigade. This was a march of about 12 miles. Fine but hot. Men very fresh at the end of march.
  • 25 Aug.” …. Bn marched at 2 p.m. to CANAPLES where it entrained at 4.45 p.m. Detrained at MERICOURT at 9.45 p.m. and marched into billets at MORLANCOURT. Billets filthy and flies very bad”.3
  • 15-16 Sept. The Battle of Flers Courcelette.
    3rd GG shown at 1st Objective.
    • 15 Sept. At zero hour the tanks designated for the division failed to appear. The right flank of the battalion was very exposed. “After reaching the first objective – the German line running through T.8.a.b.2.d it was found that there was a gap between the left parties and the right which was occupied by the enemy who began to enfilade the trench with M.G.s and shell fire. Composite bombing parties, however, dislodged them and the whole first objective was in our hands. Our right flank was however completely exposed as the troops on our right was only a short distance, if any, in front of GINCHY TELEGRAPH.”.3 Casualties from the diary
      Officers Killed or Died  of Wounds 4 Wounded 10
      Missing 4. O.R. Killed 31, Wounded 155 and Missing 209. Note CWGC records 26 deaths for this period.
    • 16 Sept. “Nothing occurred except some somewhat severe shelling on the 16th and on the evening of 16th/17th the Bn was relieved and marched into camp at the CITADEL”.3
  • 28-30 Sept. The Battle of Morval.“Took over from 1st Bn Scots Guards just N of LES BOEUFS. Relieved on the 30th by the 7th Bn MIDDLESEX REGT “.3 Casualties 13 men wounded.
  • 4-10 Oct. Hohenzollern.
    • In the front line resting on the Hohenzollern redoubt.
    • 8 Oct. “In the afternoon we were heavily attacked all along the line. The enemy bombers rushed our left flank and came bombing down the line….After the attack was over. (It was repulsed along the whole line with great loss to the enemy) two companies of the 1/Scots were sent to relieve our 2 forward companies”.3
    • 9 Oct.” Same position – heavy shelling but no further attack was made. Relieved at 7 pm and returned to VERMELLES”.3
  • 12 Oct. “Whole Guards division relieved and went into billets near VAUDRICOURT. Bn. is a small village called DROUIN”.3
  • 15-17 Oct.” On the 15 October marched back through VERMELLES to take up a line of Trenches opposite BIG WILLIE & HOHENZOLLERN REDOUBT. The relief took a very long time and the communication trenches were shelled”.3
    • 16 Oct.” Trenches heavily shelled from 7-8 a.m. by guns of medium calibre. Received orders to complete sap, join with Coldstream and bomb down BIG WILLIE to meet 2nd Bn Scots Guards. Attack to start at 5 a.m. 17th. Were unable to complete sap and were unable to attack in consequence. Casualties* 5 killed 12 W 1 Missing. approximately”.3 This would appear to be incorrect only 5 men of the Bn. killed in the entire month.
    • 17 Oct.” Very heavy and accurate shelling from 6 a.m. – 2 p.m. by guns of all sizes…… The Battalion was relieved by 1st Bn Scots Guards and went into rest Trenches behind VERMELLES railway.”3
    • Nov. 7 days spent at NORRENT-FONTES then marched to LA GORGUE.
    • 14-16 and 18-20 Nov. Took up a line from just N of NEUVE CHAPELLE. Situation was very quiet but the trenches absolutely waterlogged. ended the month in LAVENTIE.”3
    • 24th Nov. Arthur is transferred to 3rd Guards Machine Gun Company of the Guards Machine Gun Battalion.
    • Dec. It may well be that this was when Arthur was transferred home for training, in any event, it seems likely he didn’t return to France
  • Jan-Feb. When and where exactly Arthur sickness came on we do not know but in any event its clear he did not take up an active Machine Gunners role in the war.
  • 1 Mar. An honourable discharge because of sickness and awarded the Silver War Badge No. 210779. Issued in July 1917.
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To Fanny Blincoe sister Amy Hill married the same day.


With Fanny in Hendon occupation Foreman, Engaged In The Manufacturer Of Fine Chemicals.

3rd Grenadier Guards, at either Richmond Camp or Pirbright, 1917-18 © Museum of London