List of Acronyms

AA : Anti-Aircraft
ACC : Army Cyclist Corps
AF : Army Form
AIF : Australian Imperial Force
ANZAC : Australian and New Zealand Army Corps
AO : Army Order
ASC : Army Service Corps
AVC : Army Veterinary Corps
AWM: Australian War Memorial
Bde: Brigade
BMDR: Bombardier
Bn. Battalion
BRCS: British Red Cross Society
BSF: British Salonika Army
BWM : British War Medal
CAVC: Canadian Army Veterinary Corps
CCS : Casualty Clearing Station
CDS : Corps Dressing Station
Cdn Inf: Canadian Infantry
CF : Chaplain to the Forces
CO : Commanding Officer, Conscientious Objector
Coy : Company
Cpl : Corporal (rank)
CSM : Company Sergeant Major
CWGC : Commonwealth War Graves commission
DAC : Divisional Ammunition Column
DCLI: Duke of Cornwell’s Light Infantry
DFC : Distinguished Flying Cross
DIL : Dangerously Ill List
DIV : Division
DLI: Durham Light Infantry
DSC : Distinguished Service Cross (a naval decoration)
DSM : Distinguished Service Medal (a naval decoration)
EEF : Egyptian Expeditionary Force
EFC : Expeditionary Force Canteen
GCM : General Court-Martial
GHQ : General Headquarters
GR and GRO: General Registry Office
Gren Gds: Grenadier Guards
GSM : General Service Medal
GSW : Gunshot Wound literal or Shell etc.
HBMGC or HSMGC: Heavy Branch (Section) Machine Gun Corps (later Tank Corps)
HE : High Explosive
HLI: Highland Light Infantry
HMAT: His Majesty’s Australian Transport
HMHS: His Majesty’s Hospital Ship
HT : Horse Transport
IE : Illegal enlistment
IHL : Imprisonment with Hard Labour
Inf: Infantry
IO : Intelligence Officer
IWGC : Imperial War Graves Commission
IWT : Inland Water Transport
IW&D : Inland Waterways and Docks
KOYLI: Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
KORL: Kings Own Royal Lancasters
KR : King’s Regulations
KRRC: Kings Royal Rifle Corps
KSLI: Kings Shropshire Light Infantry
L/C or L/Cpl: Lance Corporal
LofC : Lines of Communication
LR : Local Reserve
MAC : Motor Ambulance Convoy
MB : Medical Board
MC : MIlitary Cross
MDS : Main Dressing Station
MEF : Mediterranean Expeditionary Force
MGC : Machine Gun Corps
MGGS : Major General -General Staff
MGS : Machine Gun School
MLO : Military Landing Officer
MM : Military Medal
MMGC : Motor Machine Gun Corps
MSM : Meritorious Service Medal
MT : Mechanical Transport
MVC : Motor Volunteer Corps
MVS : Mobile Veterinary Section
NACB : National Army Catering Board
NCO: Non Comissioned Officer
NOK: Next of Kin
OBLI; Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry
OR(s) : Other Rank(s)
OTC : Officers Training Corps
PM : Provost Marshal
POW : Prisoner of War
Pte : Private (rank)
PU : Permanently Unfit (medical)
QMAAC : Queen Mary’s Army Auxiliary Corps
QAIMNS: Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service
QMG : Quartermaster General
QMS : Quartermaster Sergeant
RAF : Royal Air Force
RAFA : Royal Australian Field Artillery
RAGA : Royal Australian Garrison Artillery
RAVC : Royal Army Veterinary Corps.
RDC : Royal Defence Corps
Regt: Regiment
RFA : Royal Field Artillery
RFC : Royal Flying Corps
Rfmn: Rifleman
RGA : Royal Garrison Artillery
RH – Railhead
RHA : Royal Horse Artillery, and Reserve Heavy Artillery
RIR: Royal Irish Rifles
RM : Riding Master, and Royal Marines
RMA : Royal Marine Artillery
RMLC : Royal Marine Labour Corps
RMLI : Royal Marine Light Infantry
RNAS : Royal Naval Air Service
RND : Royal Naval Division (63 Div)
RO : Recruiting Officer
ROC: Railways Operating Company
RSM : Regimental Sergeant Major
RTU : Returned to Unit
SAA : Small Arms Ammunition
SDGW: Soldiers Died in the Great War database.
Sgt : Sergeant (rank)
SIW : Self-Inflicted Wound
Sjt : Serjeant (rank)
SOS : Struck off strength. Also used in usual sense (of emergency).
SR : Special Reserve
SSM : Squadron Sergeant Major (cavalry)
Sqdn: Squadron
SWB: Silver War Badge
TC : Tank Corps
TF : Territorial Force
TFE: Territorial Force Efficiency Medal
TFNS: Territorial Force Nursing Service
TM : Trench Mortar
TMB : Trench Mortar Battery
TO : Transport Officer
TOS : Taken on strength
TR : Training Reserve
TRB : Training Reserve Brigade
TSM : Troop Sergeant Major (cavalry)
VAD : Voluntary Aid Detachment
VC : Victoria Cross
VO : Veterinary Officer
VTC : Volunteer Training Corps
WAAC : Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps (later QMAAC)
WD : War Diary
WO : War Office
WWCS : Walking Wounded Collecting Station